National Hurricane Center Data App Reviews

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Best app ever

This app has sooo much data I love it

Perfect forecast

This is has the best forecast and is very easy to read and understand

Nice app, a lot of information

This is a very nice laid out app with a lot of information. I like the addition of the spaghetti models. Easy to view and accurate information.

Great app !!

Great app!!

Not worth buying.

Better apps out there with far higher resolution. Pixel breakup on enlargement. No spaghetti plots.

Great App!

As a Floridian I like to keep up with the tropical weather. I am constantly checking this app! I had a question about the app and contacted the developer. His response was immediate. Thank you!

Some many more are better

Not user friendly. Won’t go to landscape mode. Feels like an old phone app.

Great app for the up to date forecasts and models

There’s plenty of good forecasting data compiled on this app that you otherwise would need to obtain from numerous other websites to get the same information.

Great app

Great app that keeps you informed


I gave a less positive review because they didn’t have the string model. They’ve added it, so here’s my new rating.

Very Useful

Thorough look at tropical weather systems for the geek or folks trying to determine if they are in harms way.

Begs for shares

Modal dialogues begs to share app with friends—instant one star.

NHC Data

Great application for the latest information and updates on hurricanes.

Save your money

The premise behind the app is good, get all the hurricane info in one spot so it’s easy to access. Two stars because of slow updates of named storms. On multiple occasions I’ve seen news stories of tropical storms developing or their status being changed to a hurricane, and I can’t find any info about them on this app until several hours later, which makes it essentially useless to me.

NHC data tracker really good

Love this so best hurricane watch ap out there


This app is an amazing wealth of information! My only concern is, why does the current update offer spaghetti models and wind probability discussions when these additions were provided during the last update? used to work

For the past month at least this app only opens on the splash screen then closes. Even on updates.

Awesome App

This is by far the best hurricane tracking app from iPhone that I have found and I have tried all the others. The app does get better when the developer updates the app. Keep up the great work guys

I’ll take the crashes....

But NOT for a app that I paid for. Totally unacceptable at the end of the day the 50 FREE versions/other apps poll data from the same NHC info so go figure

Very handy app!Up to date information!

A lot of information just need to learn your way around!!

Not what I expected.

Not what I expected. Not interactive. No notifications. Maps cannot be screen size. Not updated fast enough.

It works.

The app works fine and is easy to understand as a source for the basic information. As a paid app there are no annoying ads to deal with. The screens, however, are small even on my larger phone. I was really expecting more from a paid app.

Hurricane App

I love this app because it give me precision in the information that I am seeking for on the current weather conditions. Five stars to this app!!

Let us search by city name

I’m not finding the app to be intuitive enough. Most of us care first and foremost for our current location. Let us put a pin on our location address, then give us the data for that location, such as where are we in terms of sea level (calculate surges for our location), wind speeds at our location, etc. These maps seem too general and when I tried the GOES 16 it just looked like a scene of swirls But thank you for making an app. With no TV at home it’s still useful

Not bad

This is now my go to hurricane app. It does need a refresh button because I have to go into the menu and reselect a storm to get the updated information.

Very good app

Very good app. Would be better if you could make the maps full screen, but still a very good and useful app.

very nice, but...

I really like this app, and it is the only one that shows me all the map and charts I want. Love the spaghetti map, which is hard to find online. The only problem is that after a few uses, it disables any touch commands on my iPad Mini4 and locks my iPad Air 2 in portrait mode without having the locked mode show up in the command panel or settings. For both problems, only a hard reboot will let me use the iPad again. I have seen this before in apps that only offer portrait view on iPads, and really hope that a landscape view will be a forthcoming improvement and bug fix.

Worth it

App is frequently updated, easy to navigate, and presents information in a clear manner. Thank you for publishing this app!


Best hurricane tracker app. Thanks


I really have found this app to be so useful. It really keeps you in the loop. It updates frequently which when compared to others stands alone. You can not go wrong with this one. It hardly takes up any space. Just Get It. It could save your life.


I wish there was one update shot that is brief with just a few facts. Hard time finding the Category info and actual real-time data such as, what did the Hurricane hunter find for wind speed, at what time? Yes I know they only update a few times of day. Did the speed increase or decrease since last measure, did movement speed increase or decrease? Just a few quick details on a single screen would be extremely useful instead of having to go through pages of data. Everything else is plentiful. Maybe it is there and I am just looking in the wrong spot.

Hurricane Tracking App

I really do like this app. It is straightforward and informative. That’s a good thing when you need to know what’s going on with the hurricane in your life.


Slow to load, could not find the features reported in App Store kept hoping it was me, gave up

Love the app

Thank you for a great is wonderful on my iPhone, hopefully can get landscape for the iPads!!


As a weather radar junkie this app compliments others I have.

False Advertising

This app does not render landscape mode on an iPad. IPad compatible? Technically, yes. But iPad owners using a keyboard will be extremely frustrated. Just so you know . . .

Best App Ever

This App makes me feel like a meteorologist. I am able to view storms through the numerous filters available. I have been following hurricane on my maps for 60 years. This App is wonderful for wouldbe weatherman.

Too much click

I wanna see the hurricane in the map but it’s soo many clicks that I prefer to look for another app. It should open a screen with a map and hurricane dots that’s it.

Dated information, don’t buy

In Hawai’i we have hurricanes and tropical storms often. Right now we are experiencing hurricane number five this summer. This stupid app is back on hurricane number three which came and went more than a week ago. The one that will arrive in two days isn't on the system, so this app is of no help at all.

Excellent up to the minute app!

Currently live in Myrtle Beach and am tracking hurricane Florence. Everyone has been asking to see the projected paths and all the most recent data when I am around. I love that it notifies you when changes occur and I love the projected wind and storm surge maps that are included.

National HurricaneCenter

Best app for tracking storms. Continues to improve; for example, just added individual forecast model tracks from many sources, so user can see the source of the aggregate forecasts.

Love it

Awesome data. Layout could be a little easier for text reading and map zoom

THE Hurricane App

NOAA and the National Hurricane Center do a great job providing hurricane information to the public online. Unfortunately, they do not provide an app with that information. This app fills that need. It takes all that online information and puts it into an app that allows for intuitive access in a pleasant GUI. Explore the app and you'll find all the hurricane information you are looking for!

Buy it

Well worth it. Stop waiting. Buy it


I paid for this app, and there are free Hurricane Trackers that have much more information. Disappointed to have paid for it just to delete it.

Awesome App.

Best I’ve seen for tracking storms and local satellite views. Great job !!

Good enough

I really like tracking storms. Ever since I was a kid, my dad and I used to track storms with a dry erase map he bought in OBX. The only “problem” so far I have is I can’t rotate the picture on my iPad Pro. Hopefully that is in the works.

Best hurricane app ever

I have never had an app where the developer is so responsive and dedicated to its customers. With the new update that includes spaghetti models it is everything that I’ve ever wanted in a hurricane app. I live in Hawaii so I take my hurricane forecasting seriously!

Now it’s the BEST hurricane app!!

* UPDATE 09/04/18 * The developer has found a way to add the spaghetti models, and this is now the perfect hurricane tracking app! I will recommend this app to everyone who is looking for hurricane tracking and information. Kudos!!! When I first bought this app, I was highly disappointed. I reached out to the developer and he responded and listened to my concerns. He has added many features since that day, and I am beginning to really like this app. Now, if we can get spaghetti models, I will give it 5 stars! Thanks for your continued effort to make this a great app. Much appreciated!

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