National Hurricane Center Data App Reviews

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Definitely great to have

This app will definitely keep you informed of anything that might be popping up & keep you up to date with what might be happening out there.


Does not work.

Good App

Satellite images are from January although active system is Alberto. Couldn’t contact dev, as app crashed when touching contact icon. 30MAY18 - Developer very responsive; corrected issues. Rating edited.

Not as good as Hurricane Pro.

Hurricane pro was cancelled. Loved it. Got this for a replacement and it’s just not as good. But it will do until something else comes around!

App is getting better all the time.

I wrote an earlier review that was less than positive. Soon after I was contacted by the developer. He is working hard to make this app one of the most useful hurricane tracking apps available. One update has been added; another is on the way which allows users to keep informed with potential storm developments. We’ll check back here again when there is a named storm. Thanks for the improvements. The developer’s willingness to listen constructively is an added bonus! Go to Settings and find a direct link to the National Hurricane Center website. This is a real plus. This app just keeps getting better.

Add Forecast Discussion and Advisory Text?

Can you add buttons to link to the text details from NHC forecast advisories and discussions, and public advisories - for each of the current storms? That would make this the 5 star must have app for hurricanes!! Update: a few hours later the text advisories and discussions are in an app update. 5 stars now.

Best hurricane tracker out there

I’ve been using the NHC website ever since I moved to FL and finally decided to get the app. It’s everything I could have wanted in a hurricane tracker and more. Gives you tons of info, tracking, satellite, and it’s all easily navigable. Love it!

Did not get money’s worth

I don’t see the different screens that are shown on the App Store page. Just still imagery tracking. No motion satellite. Are there push notices? I was looking for an active app that helps prepare for hurricanes. I can go to the NOAA website and get more info. Very misleading to use the NHC name.

Nothing Loads

This app doesn’t work and is way too slow to actually be with while. I want my money back...,

Not worth $1.99

Tropical storm in gulf and I am looking at satellite imagery from January. I am better off just going to the web site.

Satellite Doesn’t Work

Satellite imagery is out of date by months needs to get GOES-16 support

Very convenient

Perfect. All the info you need in one app. I live in FL, so well with the price to have this info at one click.

Update - Great

ORIGINAL REVIEW Doesn’t provide any information other than appropriate location. Can get more info on weather channel UPDATE THE SITE NOW EXPLAINS THAT DATA IS PROVIDED ONLY FOR A NAMES STORM. The app is great: forget my initial rating

Getting better!

When I first bought this app, I was highly disappointed. I reached out to the developer and he responded and listened to my concerns. He has added many features since that day, and I am beginning to really like this app. Now if we can get spaghetti models, I will give it 5 stars! Thanks for your continued effort to make this a great app. Much appreciated!

Low information

Not worth $2. No notifications, nothing special. Less than normal weather apps. Took me for $2. Hurricane Pro was the best & now it’s gone. Don’t waste the money.

Don’t get this app!!!

Very minimal data. I think I could get more information from just looking out of my window. I want my money back.

New app

Just downloaded today. Haven’t figured out how to get to all the features listed on the App Store but hopefully I will figure it out as time goes on.

Very little content

This app provides nothing that the average weather app provides when it comes to tracking storms and forecasting. I am very disappointed.

Limited usefulness

This app only shows storms once they have been named. It’s not useful for looking at tropical disturbances or storms not yet named.

Looks Great!

I think this has excellent potential. My only criticism would be that it needs to have Landscape View for iPads. I understand that is a lot of extra work, but I think the end result would be worth it for the 12” iPad.


Great application for the latest information and updates on hurricanes.

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